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Taco Madness!

Hello everyone!!  How are you guys today?  Hope you all had a most lovely Thursday :)!  My Thursday was much like any other Thursday.  I woke up, got ready for work, went to work, worked, walked home from work, made dinner, did dinner dishes, puttered around online, watched some telle and cuddled with Chibi.  All in all, a most enjoyable day!

There is one note about my breakies that I want to share!  In keeping with my new health regime, I’ve been trying to find a healthy breakfast that sticks. I’m trying to cut down on eggs and bread and the butter that usually goes with it, but I still wanted something tasty!  Breakfast is, after all, a very important start to my day.  For a while I was trying to eat granola and yogurt, but it just wasn’t doing it for me, so then I’d made hot oatmeal w/ what ever fruit I have on hand.. but that wasn’t really doing it either.  I don’t know why, it just bored me.  But then, i saw a great idea on The Edible Perspective, (that new blog I love) that has revolutionized my mornings! What secret is this you ask?  It’s to combine them in a glorious union of hot and cold.  So now I make a small scoop of hot oatmeal, throw in a scoop of granola cereal, then a scoop of yogurt, or peanut butter or what ever you’re feeling, and throw some fruit on there if you have it.  It’s crazy yummy! I don’t know why! I don’t know why I never thought of it!  It may be obvious to some of you, but it really just never occurred to me to combine them all. I love the crunch of the granola mixed with the hot yumminess of oatmeal.

Any who! On to the taco madness!  As I said in a recent post, Andy worried that my new resolve to not eat red meat would be the end of tacos. Little did he know what I was just itching to try out a chickpea taco filling! Once again I looked for some recipes online and ended up just winging it with what I had on hand.  I took a cup of chickpeas (canned and rinsed), onion, red pepper, zucchini and mixed it up with all kinds of spices.  Chili powder, garlic, onion powder, kosher salt, pepper, cayenne, paprika, and.. something else? Can’t recall.

I saw a recipe that called to bake it for 20-30 mins that would give it a nice crisp coating and I would have tried that had it not been a long work day.  I was super hungry so I just pan fried it up till it looked fairly cooked.  Have I ever told you how much I love zucchini? I really really do.  I can’t wait to try a zucchini loaf!

Then we heated up the tortillas. Like so ~_~

Then I whipped up some guacamole which is the best thing you can do with an avocado that’s a bit too ripe.  For me, there’s a point when the avocado is a bit too soft and I can’t eat it on a sandwich or on it’s own, but I can mush it up and add copious amount of garlic and it’s just fantastic.

So there you have it!  Add a bit of cheese and salsa and BAM! Veggie tacos extraordinaire! Doesn’t it look delicious? MMM. I devoured them. Nom nom nom!

After I took that final picture, Andy said Hey! What about mine?? He had worked very hard on his marinade for his red meat and he said they tasted delicious! The lighting it a little terrible, and to me they don’t look nearly as scrumptious as mine, but i guess that means I’m happy with my life change!

So there you have it, another cooking adventure with Christine the aspiring vegetarian!  I’m pretty sleepy now and I’m about to head to bed, but there’s one last thing that happened today that I have to share!  On my lunch break, i stopped in at a pet store to pick up a litter box filter and saw a little “Grow your own catnip” kit.  It’s made here in BC  and came with a little sample bag of catnip so i thought why not? Chibi hasn’t shown too much interest in catnip yet, but she’s young yet, and i thought by the time the plant is grown, maybe she’ll have developed a liking. When I got home from work I set the bag down by the door and because the cat nip was in a little bag, within a bigger bag that was in yet another bag, i didn’t think much of it.  Well, I’ve sure learned my lesson.  While the hunny and I were watching some after dinner telle,  I noticed I hadn’t seen the cat in a while, which is unusual as Chibi is almost always in the same room as us.  So I got up to see where she was and when I walked into the bedroom, i almost died from cuteness overload mixed with horror.  There, upon the bed, was Chibi rolling around in cat nip that was also all over the bed!  She had dragged the bag up there and torn it to shreds, along with the instructions on how to grow the seeds!

Oh Chibi… my silly kitty, how I love you so very much that you can make a colossal mess and I still think you’re so darling!

Any who, enough blogging, off to bed for me!

Lots of Love,

Christine and Chibi

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